What Type of Fruit are You?

Harry TongMay 1, '20

Ever been kept up till the early hours of the morning - contemplating the important questions in life? Like if you were born as a fruit, what type would you be? I know I have. Now you can know for sure, and rest easy with this quick 12 question quiz!...

Tips for Cooking the PERFECT Rib-Eye Steak

Harry TongApr 19, '20

The rib-eye, also known as cube roll and scotch fillet - is one of the most popular and sought after cuts of beef. Described by many as the ideal cut for tenderness and texture - it's marbled fat melting into the beef, providing a juicy, moist and tender steak. But buying a fresh, high-quality cut will only get your steak so far. So you can make the most of this mouth-watering beef, we have written a couple quick tips on cooking the perfect rib-eye steak! 🤤

The BEST Garlic Prawns Recipe 🤤

Harry TongApr 15, '20

It's undeniable - in all my years of cooking and eating, I have NEVER had garlic prawns better than this. I mean just look at them - they speak for themselves! 🦐🦐🦐

So Good You'll Think it's Bad! - The Custard Apple

Harry TongApr 9, '20

Also known as the sugar-apple, custard apples are quite a peculiar fruit. Originating in the tropical Americas and West Indies, this fruit has spread throughout the world. It consists of a thick rind - resemblant of scales, and a deliciously sweet, creamy flesh. The flavour is often compared to custard...

All About Grapes

Harry TongApr 5, '20

Grapes are rich in history - they are believed to be 65 million years old! In ancient times, grapes were heavily associated with royalty and hedonism - and to some extent, they have maintained this symbolism. This is the case for several reasons. 🍇🍇🍇