Great savings on your weekly Fresh Fruit and Vegetables all direct from Australia. Now available to you.

Great savings on your weekly Fresh Fruit and Vegetables all direct from Australia. Now available to you.

Ron TongOct 4, '19


How is your day? Well I believe this post will make it a lot better for you... I have some great news!

I have been living in Singapore for the past three years and after seeing how expensive fresh fruit, vegetables, meat seafood and groceries are, it got me thinking about my experience and background in these areas. With 35+ years' experience in these industries in Australia, it made me realise that I could improve the purchasing power for all Singaporeans to get clean, fresh Australian grown produce.

As a result, I am launching an e-commerce store on the 14th of October 2019 called Singapore Deli and Grocer that sources its produce from Australian farmers or fishing boats directly and is available to you within 48 hours from shipping. Delivered to your door free for purchases over $85.00.

The most exciting thing is that as I understand these industries intimately, I can bypass a lot of layers and bring you a fresher and most importantly a cheaper product at a superior quality level for a comparable price. All this means great savings to you on a weekly basis. 

Our Offer: If you are one of the first 50 customers to sign up, you will be entitled to a 20% discount off your first order and if you introduce a friend you will be entitled to 15% off your next purchase and your friend will receive a 20% discount off their initial order as well.

Our Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the quality of our produce, we will refund the item in question. 

We look forward being your new E-commerce grocer!!


The Singapore Grocer

Click here to Register and be one of the first 50 customers to sign up, prior to our launch and get 20% off your first order! Once we have received your registration, we will email you the discount code, so you are ready to place your order on Monday, 14th October 2019.

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