Just Mesclun with Mustard contains a variety of lettuce, kale and mustard. Crispy with an intense-wasabi like flavour, this salad packs a delicious punch in every bite, and gives a milder, sweeter taste when boiled.

About Just Produce 

At Just Produce, we promise to be the simplest and most straightforward choice in the market by bringing you locally-grown vegetables just as it is, and just for you. Our mission is to make healthy living attractive and accessible to all by providing the freshest, most nutritious and flavourful vegetables at affordable prices. 

Fresh: Our vegetables are locally grown and harvested daily - so that you can enjoy a longer shelf life for your vegetables, and savour their crisp and crunchy texture.

Nutritious: We don’t use pesticides, preservatives or genetic modification. There’s no exposure to potential foreign food safety incidents either - your vegetables are safe in our hands.

Flavourful: Each of our versatile, pre-mixed salads offers you a fuss-free selection of our premium vegetables. Whichever box you choose, you can be sure that every bite packs a punch, and keeps you wanting for more.

Product of Singapore.